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lectivo 2018/2019
Jornal "Os Gatos"

The freshmen reception
Projecto Internacional

EPFA welcomes many new students in different technical courses every new academic year. Although most of them come from nearby others come from abroad. Some of these students` parents are trying to make a living in Portugal but there are also some students that came from foreign countries alone to study and live by themselves in Vidigueira. There are also some Portuguese students whose parents were emigrants for a long time and that have returned home not long ago and consequently these youngsters have to adjust to their own country. All these students have to face several difficulties when they come to a different country and especially to a different school because most of them are far away from close relatives, in some cases even their parents, and friends and they have to blend themselves with a completely different community, with different traditions, beliefs, habits and characteristics.

There are many feelings, emotions, behaviors and opinions connected to this integration process that can make the students first days at school very hard and stressful, even for the students that live nearby. Therefore this year EPFA, through the Students Counseling Office, organized the Freshmen Reception. There were prepared different activities and games whose main goals were to promote integration of the new students, to encourage friendship, respect and tolerance among all the students and provide them tools that would eventually help them solve conflict situations and build up cultural and social bridges that can help communication, relationships and acceptance. As the students get to know each other better they will learn to accept and respect the things that make them different and this will promote a better understanding and agreement among them.


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